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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest & Chopsticks

During this past week I've actually made 4 recipes from Pinterest!  I'm not posting the Cinnamon Roll cake (no pictures).  The grandkids loved it - but I think it would have been better with about 1/2 the sugar.  Seriously.
I repinned this recipe for Mongolian Beef from Suzanne.  I pretty much followed the recipe (except that I only made a 1/2 batch). It was simple and quite tasty...but it was a little saltier than I really like (I didn't add any salt to this recipe - the soy sauce supplies it all).  Next time I might thin down the soy sauce or try a lower sodium product. To make this even easier, I found thinly sliced beef in the meat department.  Love it.

Mongolian Beef

I tried out mini corn dog muffins last week with my grandchildren.  Instead of making the muffin part from scratch, I used Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.  Super simple and fast.  They weren't bad...but I think they would have been better with Marie Callender's corn muffin mix.
We dubbed these Puppy Dogs.
Pinned Image
Iowa Girl Eats: Mini-Corn Dogs

Pinned Image
No recipe - the pictures speak for themselves.

I think part of the charm of this 'recipe' is that the kids can put it together themselves.  I had my 7 and 8 year-old grandsons put the thin spaghetti into the cut up hot dogs.  They didn't have any problem (except speed...they were a bit slow).

There were no left-overs.


  1. So darn impressed with you! I pinned at least 2 of those, and am glad you tried them before me :D The Mongolian beef looked amazing!

  2. 60 points for the Mongolian Beef because I love Mongolian Beef. I like the corn bread bites too - party food - 30 points but minus 20 for not using Marie Callendars mix but plus 5 for getting kids to eat it. LOVE the spaghetti idea and wish my kids were younger and still liked hot dogs. 40 points for getting the grandkids to do the work! Nicely done Deb. Oh, and 25 points for the cinnamon roll cake - I still want to try it! Whew!