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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Atlas Art

I think it was Debbie who showed me some really great atlas art a while ago. Can I find it to show you the inspiration? No. I think I have been at this one for six months. No kidding. It's harder than you think to find a map of Tahiti without weird little Tiki guys on it. Really.

I spray painted old frames (zero dollars) with left over spray paint from some other activity. I found a book at a thrift store on the South Pacific - bought the book (.50 cents), took the map, donated the book back right there. Nice! Had to break down and order a used atlas from Amazon ($7).

Starting at the left; Oregon (where I grew up), San Jose/Los Altos (where Jim grew up), San Jose/Monterey (where we live/engaged). Bottom row; Tahiti (where we honeymooned) and San Francisco (where we met)

I am going to add embroidered hearts, or such, when I get the practice hearts looking good. I think I need to work on the lay-out. Ideas?


  1. Love the idea of embroidered hearts. Super cute.

    Don't know how you'd arrange these if you have no spot picked out for them. Are they a stand-alone collection or will they be interspersed with photos and the like?

  2. Where are you thinking of hanging them?

    I've got two example of embroidered maps on my Pins and Needles board.

  3. I am so taking credit for the inspiration! (Mostly because I want to to do it as well.)

    I love that you donated the book back. Extra credit for not even bringing it home.

  4. They are going in my room on the wall next to the bathroom door. I have plenty of space I just need a good configuration. No thought of photos yet but I'll peruse and see if anything fits.

  5. I like the whole concept. I too love the idea and will fight Suzanne for the credit.
    As far as layout... I would find 1 more frame and then I think everything will fall into place.