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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Lorax

This is my "Pinterest" craft for the week. Where is the link, you ask? Well, of course I didn't pin the original inspiration.

We have a fun tradition at the kids' school where they get to dress up as their favorite book character. We went to see the movie "The Lorax" on Saturday, so guess where Lily got her inspiration? Her Teacher was also promoting the book by reading it in class last week.

So the costume was a quick fleece and felt creation. I bought a half yard of fleece and made a "t" shirt. I sewed the underside of the arms and down the sides. I didn't want it to look like a dress so I stretched and sewed elastic around the bottom hem which gave it more "body". (The Lorax is a little thick in the middle ;) The neck got sewn around with some jagged felt.

The mustache was a little tricky. I wanted it to have the right shape and I couldn't find a "printable" the right size. I basically copied a picture and free hand cut it out. One layer of felt wasn't enough, I sewed a white layer, then trimmed the edges. I thought it could use one more layer so I did a yellow layer again. Then trimmed the edges again. If I had thought about it, I would have attached the elastic to the final layer before sewing it to the rest of the mustache.


  1. 100 points for having the cutest Lorax on the planet! 10 pts for free handing the fabulous mustache and minus 5 pts for no orange tights. ;-) Total 105 pts.

  2. An extra 20 pts for being more fabulous in person and having the daughter that TOTALLY carries it off.