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Monday, March 19, 2012

And While I'm at It

My big project this week has been my entryway.  I didn't want to cut glass and order prints for my gold frames and I knew that the alternatives were limited--embroidery, decoupage, paint...  I hie-ed to Pinterest and found this cute little number.  I liked the brightness and the ease. 
"Thursday Evening" Anthro price $3,600.  Gulp.

I choose the colors and got that gel-thickener stuff (genius) and went to work. 
"The Puddle"--$10 plus frame

I love it (it's much brighter and happier than in the picture).  The key was painting it a flat color on the bottom, daubing other various colors over that, and then with a palate knife and thick paint scraping those colors over (letting the underside show, somewhat).  You have to let the thick paint dry before you move on to another color but it was fairly simple.  I like how traditional the frame is and how out-there the art is.

My other frame was a harder nut to crack.  I found this "hydrangeas on a nightstand" art and liked the way it looked like a frowzy blonde. 
The print is totally affordable.  You should buy it.

I really had to work at it and as long as you don't think of the original, it's not half bad.  Good in a 'someone did this for art class in 1963 and it wound up at Goodwill' sort of way.

But I like how they all look together.  Abstract, still-life, and landscape...


  1. Amazed at your skills! Plus bonus points for using your college degree!!!

  2. Points for doing abstract art. I'm not sure how many though. While I don't "get" abstract art (give me a good old fashioned realist or cubism-ist and I'm on it) I like your use of color and the whimsy with the hydrangeas. I also didn't realize you had used a pinhead to paint the farmhouse scene! Now I am impressed! Clicks to you.