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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seminary Prizes

I'm pretty sure none of my students read my blog, so I think I'm safe in posting these pictures.

That visit from Suzanne and Keira last month really helped me get the hang of putting jewelry type stuff together.Yesterday I made 2 sets of key chains and one necklace...in about 15 minutes.
I'm calling these:  " Abraham 3:22-23".

Ummm...haven't decided on names yet.

This is the "Leviticus 19:18". I hadn't planned on making this one, but I had enough left-over parts and pieces that I didn't need to buy anything for it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Pie

The cheesecake layer is my favorite.
 I was telling Sherri the saga (yes, saga) of why I made this pie...trust me, the story isn't that interesting...anywho, she told me to share the recipe.  I have to admit up front that there really isn't a 'recipe' for this, but I will give you some general directions.

Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Pie
1. Bake a pie crust. I used refrigerated pie crust dough that comes from the store, but home made would be fine.  I suppose you could use graham cracker crust - which would elevate this pie into the 'no-bake' category.

2. Whip 8 oz. (room temperature) light cream cheese (neufchatel) and add in about 1/4 cup (more or less to taste) powdered sugar. Gently beat in some Cool-whip (about a cup?). Spread in the bottom of your cooled crust.

3. Slice up a bunch of Strawberries (about 4 cups).  I used my egg slicer, but a knife is fine.

4. Mix Strawberries with something. I used slightly cooled Danish Dessert (found in the Jello section of the grocery store), but feel free to use whatever glaze you have available.
Steve assured me that Upside-down Strawberry Cheesecake Pie tasted just about as good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coloring Page Cake Tutorial

I just posted a tutorial over at Cornelia's Kids on how to decorate a kid's cake using a coloring page as the template.
The only special materials required are a coloring page and a sheet of parchment paper. Oh, and all those bags of frosting.