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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Laura popped this little before and after together.
What are you doing over there, Laura?

I've been making over my front entry recently and put up a few frames that needed filling.  One was, oh, four inches across or so and I didn't want to fit it for glass. 

I pinned this little darling a while ago and tried a reproduction.  It doesn't have the easy, breeziness of the inspiration but it's not terrible.  I used Golden Artist Colors: Heavy Gel to help me with the texture (marvelous, FYI) and finished off with a polyurethane spray.

It looks very sweet in the tiny frame and, as with most of my projects, it doesn't pay to inspect the seams.  Here's the entry as it stands...more painting projects to follow.

I'm so tired.

And the after:

Whereas I am a hot fusion of hyper-traditional and moderne (oh yes, extra 'e' warranted)


  1. Snaps to Laura! Well done future queen of the universe!

    You are right, you need to have that unpretentious breeziness of a textured work that says .. I am one with my farm. I like it. 50 point for posting something that required depth perception and a good eye for color! 1,000,000 snaps to Laura for nailing her inspiration and WAY improving on it.

  2. Defintely planning an 'art' weekend with you soon. Or rather, an 'Art' weekend.