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Friday, November 11, 2011

Oven Mitts Tutorial

If a picture says a 1,000 words, you're in for a feature length novel here....

I first saw some hot pads like this at Porter's (in Rexburg) back in August.  I thought they combined functional and cute pretty well.  Then I forgot about them.  I ran across them again a week ago and pinned them on Pinterest.  The gal that writes The Idea Room even included a download-able pattern.  Brilliant.  Being me, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I'll show you what tweaks I made (and I do mean show you - I took twenty thousand pictures of the process...more or less).

I cut out all the pieces to make 2 different oven mitts, then shuffled the pieces a bit.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wrist Clutch/Purse Organizer

I have this secret nagging fear that I will leave my wallet home someday, go to the store, open my purse and not be able to pay.  Oh, you do too?
Not only do I worry about not having it with me when I need it, I often end up having to carry my wallet and keys into the store without a purse at all - because I don't want to lug the big tote bag in.  I don't like just setting my keys and wallet in the shopping cart - for one thing, the keys always slip down through the gaps. What I really need is some sort of bag that would be small enough to fit in my purse or my tote bag - just big enough for my wallet, keys and cell phone - that could also be carried on its own.  When I saw this cute little bag on Happy Find, I knew I was onto something.

My first prototype.