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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Beach Tote

Here's what I love about summer. ...

I go to JoAnns with L and we both gasp at this super cute bicycle burlap material.  I say, "Oh, that would make such a cute tote!  For the beach! Oh, please?" And she says, "I think I will design it myself.  How long do you want the strap?".  Perfect summer day.  Two days later, I get a new cute tote.  L says it will be worth $1000 in 10 years so keep your hands off my tote!

(We (that's the royal we) are up to one week off school and three cute projects, two of which I was the beneficiary!  Nice.)

Upcycled Cargo Shorts Car Organizer

I didn't think to take  any 'before' or 'during' pictures...but this is such a simple concept - it really doesn't need too much explaining. Here's how I did it:

1. Find an old pair of cargo shorts/pants.
2. Cut off the leg.  I had about an inch below and half an inch above the pockets that was usable.
3. I took in one side so as to make my organizer more rectangular.
4. Stitch across the bottom.
5. I then stitched across the bottom corners - only about 1/2 an inch or so.  This gives the organizer a little more depth.
6. Cut and sew lining. I simply traced and added seam allowance.
7. Determine how long you want your strap, and the placement. Pin in place.
8. Insert lining and pin to outer fabric.
9. Top stitch lining to outer fabric, including strap.
10. Add a second row of top stitching for added strength.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Key Fob

I think that we have lost the fine art of having key fobs.  Lauren was asking for something to do yesterday and I told her I wanted her to make me something cute.  So this is her creativity at work.

The other side is green with a sad face. 

She did a great job stitching by hand the eyes and mouth.

Expect more crafting this summer.  And let's see some posting!