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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

This is the original inspiration for my recipe this week.
It's Thursday night and I really don't want to cook dinner. I've determined that breakfast is the path of least resistance and an easy way to work in a Pinterest recipe. While the recipe is a easy peasy slam dunk, I would change a few things for next time. I spread a little butter on the dough before I added the sugar and cinnamon, next time, try it without like the original recipe. The sugar and butter "caramelized" on the bottom of the roll. It tasted great, but I suspect if I had let them sit for too long they would have been glued to the pan.
I used one tube of rolls and was able to make 20 mini muffin sized rolls.
Review: Jack inhaled these and the girls liked them just fine.


  1. 20 points for cuteness. 40 points for caramelized anything. I'm picturing a cream cheese drizzle... must wipe chin now!

  2. ME too! I am eager to try these now.