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Friday, March 16, 2012

Couldn't... Help... Myself!

Inspiration meal: Oskar Blues Green Chili
Kevin and I fell deeply in love with this last weekend... but you can't just pop in and eat your fill any old time. Wait time was 45 min... and that was just to get a seat for two. Yikes!
So, I figured that I could concoct something moderately close.

My Recipe:
1.5 lbs chopped up pork
dredge it in seasoned flour (I put in a few dashes of Johnny's Seasoned salt)
Brown in olive oil and then spoon into crockpot.
1 onion diced pretty small.
Add onion to drippings from pork and saute for a couple of minutes. Add a spoonful of minced garlic and heat through.
Add onions and garlic to crockpot
Add one jar Hernandez green salsa to crockpot and mix
Put one can of Hormel chili w/ beans in blender. Add 1/3 can of chicken stock and 1 Tbsp Cumin to blender. Blend and add to crockpot.
Add remaining chicken stock to crockpot and stir everything together.
Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

FYI- This is how the conversation went with my hubby.
Him- "So, um, what's for dinner?"
Me- "I tried to recreate that green chili from the restaurant."
He looks dubiously into the crockpot and says, "There are going to be enough creasant roll hot dogs for me too, right."
Me- "Yep."
I fill a heaping bowl and he follows to fill a bowl while the second batch of hot dogs are baking.
Him- He takes a bite and says, "This is really good." Another bite. "No, I mean it. This is fabulous!"
Me- An I-told-you-so look on my face, saying nothing... Priceless!


  1. SOUNDS SOOO YUMMO! Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing you 'creative cook' you!