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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness ... Hanna Style

I thought since we are all such big Pinterest fans that we would have a March Madness Pinterest Challenge! Here are the basic rules (remember rules are meant to be broken/bent/and otherwise mutilated):
Week #1 - Find a Pinterest Craft you want to copy and do so. You must post the Pinterest pic of the craft and your interpretation.
Week #2 - Find a Pinterest Recipe that looks like heaven and do a spin on it or just copy it. You must post the Pinterest pic and then your spin and a pic.
Week #3 - Find anything on Pinterest that interests you (see what I did there?) and do a take off on it. It can be a poster you remake as your own, a style/fashion post that has that certain Hanna flair (sorry Keira but no plaid on stripes), or whatever strikes your fancy.
This is open to any Hanna or relation or non-relation that we have known for more than 5 minutes.
To give us all time to think about what we want to do this will start on Sunday March 4th with each weeks post due by Saturday.
Ready? Set? GO!


  1. Do we get points? and if so, can I earn extra for doing week #1 while in another state?

  2. March IS National Craft Month so what kind of challenge would be more appropriate...?! Thanks for giving us thinking up time ;)

  3. Lots of point doled out and some taken away for non-creative entries. Points are awarded/decreased by one or all of us and the resulting prize(s) have nothing to do with them.

  4. Got my plaid thinking cap on...

  5. I am tentatively in. I haven't crafted in a while.