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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish Roots!

Alright, I know we are more of a Double-Scotch than bone-a-fide Irish, but I still love a good old fashioned Irish inspired day. We started out our day in honor of Dad with green french toast (sorry, no green syrup this time).
The kids Freaked-Out! They thought is was better than sliced bread.

Then came dinner... For the past 7 yrs of my marriage, around noon, Kevin has popped a big hunk of corned beef into a crockpot with a slew of diced potatoes and carrots and we have boiled some green cabbage. Around 7:30- 8:00 at night we would finally sit down and inhale it. It was good... but todays was better.

He popped the hunk of corned beef into the crockpot around 9:30 this morning with some baby carrots and sauted onoins and garlic... just enough water to cover it and a chicken bullion cube. I braised some red cabbage with apple cider vinegar, honey, onions, slivered apple, and kosher salt. The potatoes were peeled and run across a mandolin. Garlic butter was poured on the bottom of the dish and then the potatoes were lined up around the dish with shallots and diced garlic tucked in here and there... more butter on top and baked for a couple of hours. Through in some fresh sauerkraut and even Cam finished his plate.


  1. Where is Dad and his green eggs and ham we always had from New Years Day breakfast? That was artful cooking!

    Nicely played on the corn beef! The plate looks like it is groaning under the weight of it's load. 20 pts for using a mandolin for the potatoes (look fab babe) and 20 pts for using multiple vegetables on one plate. :-)

  2. Beautiful plating!

    I made funfetti cookies and dyed the dough...that's about as festive as it got at my house.