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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Laura is the Boss, I am but the Vessel

This one is mine.
Laura really, really wanted to try this out.  We had everything on hand and it took next to no time. I used glass mason jars, cut the ends off glow sticks while kneeling in my garage, and whacked them around in the jar.  Instant glow-jar!

The effect lasted for several hours and the jars were a bit stinky--like lots of paint pens lying around uncapped--but this would be perfect for an outdoor summer party. Here's the link to the original!

The Pinterest inspiration.


  1. 20 points for the use of stray jars. 10 points for all those little tiny dots - nice work Laura! Minus 5 points for air pollution and making your brothers all high. (Or was that the intention? If so, 10 points for creative poisoning!) Total 25 or 40!