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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cloth Lunch Bags

We've been on a 'fiscal prudency' kick around my house this year.  Tightening of belts (both literally and figuratively) has occurred. In the spirit of saving money AND getting ready to spend 10 days in Florida, I made lunch bags for all of us...using fabric (and velcro) I already had on hand.

These are not fancy at all. In fact they are the antithesis of fancy.  I call them: "Quick and Dirty Lunch Bags".  Kidding.  I don't call them anything that fancy. They are simply cloth lunch bags designed to keep everybody's lunches separate, while residing in the same backpack. No handles, no pockets, nothing extraneous. Yes, some do have simple appliques, but those are so they don't get mixed up.

Ready. Set. Go.

Materials Needed:
2 pieces of fabric measuring approximately 81/2 inches by 26 inches (there is nothing magic about the size I picked - you can easily make these larger or smaller. The fabric can either be the same of contrasting.
3 - 31/2 inches of sew on Velcro.
Optional fabric for appliques.

The first step would be to apply the appliques, but since I didn't take any pictures, let's just move on to the next step, which is to sew up the side seams.  I used a serger, but you totally don't need to.