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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jewelry Frames

This project involved a lot of scope creep. I started out with just doing one frame...then I decided why not two?! I have a hard time deciding colors and it was an angst ridden decision to go with the yellow. I thought it was going to be more "mustardy"...it just depends on the lighting. I also couldn't decide if I wanted to do the cork covered with fabric or do beadboard. Again I went with both. I'm hoping that with the same colored frames that it works. I might add a few more frames....oops, more projects to start and finish!


  1. Are these in your room?

    Love the yellow color, love the idea. Where do you keep the earrings?

  2. I think your yellow is fun. Now you just need to pick out paint for the room...Scope Creep!

  3. I think 'someone' needs some jewelry for her birthday!

  4. Love the yellow. I'm with you Deb, she needs some jewelry!

  5. LOVE them!!! Now to tackle the rest of the room :D

  6. These are in my room...the sad white room that it is. I may have motivated myself to start painting (I'm slightly embarrassed that I have yet to do anything to my room after almost 5 years)

    I have a drawer pull to hang the dangley earrings and I can put some in it if I wanted to. Again, I don't wear many earrings.

    Basically I need my hubby out of town for a week and sisters to come help put together my room. Takers? Anyone? Bueller?