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Monday, August 12, 2013

Suzanne's 5x5 Day 1

 I'd like to think that I managed to clean my house from top to bottom, aired my sheets, and made a three course dinner.  What actually happened was; I aired my dirty laundry, painted some furniture, and went back to school shopping.  Dinner is on the maybe list for the day.

First Item accomplished today;
Plain Grey Farmhouse Bench
Added a White Stripe
Added another white stripe for awesomeness!
These are the "Rustic" Console Tables that Tia has been building and I sand/paint/sell them. 

Before pic
After pic


  1. I am totally stealing your stripe idea!

    (which is my way of saying that I love it)

  2. Tia - you deserve 3/4 credit.

  3. 'grads to you both. Love, love, love them!