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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hung up!

3 x 5 continued... I popped over to Suzanne's to today and finished up the art work from yesterday. Sanding, staining, and some more woodburning, and now they are done!

The shark has been pickled and looks ready for the beach.

My favorite of these 3 is the moose. It was extra work, but so worth it :D

Kevin was on his way out the door this morning and asked casually what my plans were for the signs. I shrugged and admitted that I really didn't have any. He then pitched that he would be willing to find a place on our crowded walls for the map if I was willing to keep it... He didn't have to twist my arm! And now it is hung high up in our map filled living room... Sorry everybody else ;)


  1. I want a map for my birthday please. Very nice work, T.