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Monday, August 12, 2013

Bathroom - If you give a Hanna a Cookie...

Hideous fluorescent fixture Jim swore he would replace
upon purchase of home ... 14 yrs ago.
I took a small sledgehammer to the light box.
Connor helped with the Saws-all.
Nice work.

New fixture.  What you don't see is the two weeks of
work filling, sanding, filling, sanding (x infinity)
and painting.

New shower area fixture too!
(The old one was 'accidentally' broken when I was painting.)

 So, this all started out as a mold problem.  Our bathroom has a 10' peak and poor ventilation. I went to Home Depot who sold me some great Behr paint that had a mildew inhibitor in it.  But as I was talking to Hal - yes, I know the paint guy by name - he said with a problem this bad I may want to try a mildewcide.  This is what he recommended.  It didn't change the color or texture of the paint and gives off not fumes. 

So, the pictures above are also of my 1 1/2 weeks of cleaning, sanding, filling (x infinity) and painting the bath and vanity areas.