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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project 2 of 5 OR Didn't I just do this?

Step 1: Take seat off chair.  Mine had four screws
in the bottom so flip it over on the table top for easy removal.
Strip the seat using an Exacto knife (or you can pull out
a thousand stupid staples that you are covering up)
Step 2:  Buy 1"-2" dense foam. Draw out seat on to foam.
Using an electric knife cut out foam with a slight angle
from seat to top. (Straight will make it look too boxy.)

Step 3:  Make a pattern for the new cover
fabric. You can measure or just eyeball it.
Step 4:  Using your pattern, a long ruler, and pattern chalk, draw
out the new seat covers.  If your material has a
pattern you need the ruler to get the material straight. You do
not want to cut corners and fold the fabric to make several
at once unless it is a solid color.

Step 5:  Center your foam and seat on fabric. Glue foam to
seat - any foam approved glue is fine.
 Using a staple gun, electric or hand, place a single staple in
the center front, pulling firmly do the same to the back and then
the sides.  Place staples about 1" apart (depending on the fabric).
I used a thin staple that doesn't damage the fabric too much. 
When we bought this dining set 14 years ago it had black seats.  After just three years they were destroyed by food, paint and feet.  The blue I used to recover them then held up quite well but it was time for a change.  Lauren and I found the fabric at Britex in San Francisco.