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Monday, August 12, 2013

Keira's 5x5: Day One

You'll have to forgive the muddy Instagram-ness of my images.  Our camera gave the fullest measure of devotion on a beach trip last month and Nathan hasn't decided that it's really, truly dead, dead, dead.  In the interim (as he travels the pathways of grief--the first step is Acceptance...), I have to contort myself a bit on my tablet.

But I digress...

For day one I chose a project that I actually MOSTLY completed last week.  (Remember when Debbie said there were no rules?  Let's test that, shall we?)  We're headed to a wedding in a couple of weeks and are closely related enough to the principle players to merit color-coordination.  Purple is the hue and I decided to sew something up rather than hunt the shops.  But, after the fabric was purchased and everything, I found that I just couldn't put my infant in purple.

What I ended up with is a great coordinating look for girls with very different ages and style needs.  A pop of plum grosgrain in the sash with a flat off-set bow and purple covered buttons complement the quiet grey spotted number.  And for Laura, the trick was giving dimension to such a simple broadcloth.  The grey does it but I had to know when to stop.

She says she likes it but maybe my next project will be teaching her not to schlump and eye-roll when I ask for fittings...


  1. I love the purple buttons.

    Laura does have her "Are you really putting me on this purple dress?!" look to her.

    I wonder if this purple is akin to Debbie's yellow?

  2. Ha ha Suzanne.

    While not a huge fan of purple, I think the pattern you chose has some definite possibilities - I would love to see it made up in something a little more flattering.

  3. I don't care what they say, I love them both :D