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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Organization - Closet

Step 5:  Let's work backwards for a change.
I used the same boxes I had in the closet but
purged a bunch of duplicates & things we just
don't use any longer.

Step 4:  I took out my accordion files and
really took a hard look at the paperwork we
needed to keep.  I pared it down to three files
with 7 yrs tax return docs and 2 yrs of
everything else...just in case.
The black boxes are the kids art since
Kindergarten.  I photographed much of it
and then saved the best by year.

Step 3:  Sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, sand, paint, paint.
Sing along if you know this one.  The closet was
dingy so I painted it with the left over paint
from the master bath.  Look at me being green!

Step 2:  Take everything out of the closet.  I sanded the shelves
and added a thin layer of polyurethane.  Then I sorted and put
things in the garage sale pile.  No I am not looking at that
pile for now.  Saturday it will be gone... gone I say!

Step 1:  Look in closet. Yikes! Typically, this is pretty
organized but I have been adding to it over the summer
so it got out of control.  I had a lot of school supplies
that were handed out and then it was purge time!