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Friday, August 16, 2013

Lazy Days- 5 x 5

I battled with myself as I dropped the last kid off at school today. My mind told me that I should be industrious and do an amazing final 5 x 5, but my heart yearned to just curl up with a good book and relish in the quiet. My heart kinda won out as a head cold crept in this afternoon, but I figured that if there was any goal that I could accomplish it would be this one.

So, lame as it may be, I decided to finish this goal by jump starting another goal that I have for the year... get back to writing.

As you can see, I had recently repurposed my writing table into a collect-all clutter fest. It was working well for that, but with school starting, my excuses have run dry.

In far too short of a time I had the desk surface shining back up at me. One last excuse swept into the dust bin. Now, on to other goals :)

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