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Monday, August 12, 2013

1 x 5 for Tia

I shook my head sadly around 4 o'clock thinking that I had frittered away my day without accomplishing my 1x5 for today... But then I remembered that my busy day did accomplish something.

I am in full prepping mode for school, and this year all of my rugrats will be taking bagged lunches, special snacks, and one has a dietary restriction (yep, I am now THAT mom).

So, after a massive shopping trip, Ana, Cam and I emptied out the pantry and started fresh. We sorted out the all of the breakfast foods into what Cam could eat and what he couldn't. Then we prepackaged snack foods for lunches and sports into snack baggies, then sorted them into healthy or treats, and then sorted them into what Cam can have and what the others can have. The lunch stuff has its place, Kevin's snacks and breakfast stuff has a place, and my foods are all sorted and combined into one location.

Whew! I made it. :D


  1. An organized pantry is a thing of beauty!

  2. I get a little giddy when I see organization well done. Nice work sis!