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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keira's 5x5: Day Two

What do all mothers say? Never go into a love affair hoping to change him.  Of course that's what I did.  I was in Washington last week and I saw this little number at Marshall's.  And boy was it little. Way too short, sleeveless, a dress (which, as I nurse at church, presents problems). I bid the black and cream waving pennant fabric and snappy collar adieu.  Some things are not meant for ladies like myself.  So, with a wave and curiously wet lashes, I walked away.  Sadder but wiser.

However, like the  Taylor/Burton romance, it wasn't over.  Debbie endured my tedious havering and finally drove me back to get the blasted thing.

Quelle horreur!
Our project challenge was what tipped the scale.  It's an A-line skirt so I flattened it out on a table an drew a curve along the hem , extended for a seam allowance, another longer , same shaped one 6inches lower, and a pair of straight lines connecting the two, following the A-lines.  Got it?

Sew, sew, sew.  It was super easy and quick.  But...

Since I matched the collar fabric, I found I wasn't thrilled with the seams.  They didn't press nice and sharp.  It looked tacked on. Fail.

When I showed it to Kylene, she suggested I throw cotton over it, crank the iron up and hope for the best.  Success.

It worked wonders (excuse the photography again) and helped the hemline on my wedding skirt enormously.


  1. Your skills are shockingly awesome!

  2. I so relieved that your dress turned out fabulous. I don't feel bad about the extra trip to Marshalls at all now.

  3. I am in love with that collar. I can see why you went back.

  4. Nice fabric! Looks great on you and possibly on me... ;)