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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Cute...(Apron Skirt).

I've been seeing lots of apron skirts all over the blogosphere lately...and I love them. Well, I love many of them.  Some just don't quite work for me.  This past week Lil Blue Boo posted her version, complete with dimensions - so I was ready to go.  You can find her instructions here. She even made a great pdf instruction sheet that you can print right up.

I didn't vary too much from the original instructions, but I did make the apron piece slightly wider so that I could gather it just a bit.

 I also added a band at the bottom - it's the same width as the skirt and about 4 inches tall.  I folded it in half, ironed it, then just serged it to the bottom of the skirt (thus eliminating the need to hem the skirt!).

The apron still needed a little something - so I added a ruffle at the bottom (twice as wide as the apron). I folded it in half and then added two rows of basting so that I could gather it.  That was all good, but I decided to add a little pocket.  As you can see, I measured carefully traced around my button jar lid, then whacked off the top 1/4-1/3, sewed the two semi-circles together (right sides together), clipped the seams, turned it right side out and ironed the heck out of it.  Once it was nice and smooth, I eyeballed an inverted box pleat and finished off the top with a strip of blue binding.

Most of the fabrics are Riley Blake.

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  1. So cute. But it's that pocket that takes things to eleventy-thousand.