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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easiest Pulled Pork Ever...

...or: What to Take To the Church Potluck Dinner When You Are Too Tired and/or Lazy to Really Cook.

If you happen to be a vegetarian, just avert your eyes right now...you so don't want to see me raving about my love affair with pork.

I adore bacon, ham is dandy, pork sausage = yum, but I have to say, a good pork roast ranks right up there on my list of carnivorous favorites.  I love being able to throw it in my slow cooker and come home from church to meaty perfection.  But what to do when you have to take dinner to church and have it sit in the kitchen there for 3 hours before eating? Cook it overnight, that's what. 

I looked around on the internet for a bit and found a promising recipe on slowandsimple.com for Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches. It called for rootbeer. What??? Rootbeer? You heard me. Go to the store and buy yourself a pork roast and some rootbeer.  You'll thank me later. Here's my (slight, very slight) adaptation:

The Easiest Pulled Pork I Ever Made
(catchy title, right?)

5-6 pound pork blade roast bone-in (Boston) shoulder (that's what it said on the package)
Garlic salt
2 liter bottle of A&W Rootbeer (sure, you could use something else, but why would you?)
BBQ sauce (I used Kraft Honey Hickory Smoke- because I had an open bottle in my fridge - but you could go much fancier)

Rub garlic salt on roast, then toss it in the crockpot. Pour rootbeer over the whole thing. I have to admit, it smelled a little weird at this point - I mean, come on - rootbeer and garlic? I cooked mine on high for one hour, then turned it to low for about 8 hours at which point it was literally falling off the bone - and smelled fantastic.

Lucky for me, my roast had strings holding it together so that I was able to lift it out of the crockpot and shred it, using two forks.

Stir in BBQ sauce to taste.  It was at this point that I returned the meat to a smaller crockpot and took it to church. 

I left it plugged in on the kitchen counter for 3 hours (until lunch) and then served it.  This pulled pork is super moist and tender. There wasn't any left.  None. Not a bit.  Lucky for me, plenty of people had contributed rolls - because this is awesome in a sandwich (or by itself...which was how I ate it).  The next time I make this (did I mention that I think I'll be making about 75 pounds of this this week?), I won't be quite as conservative with the spices.


  1. I take it that the acid in the root beer breaks down the stringy portions and makes it oh so tender. Sounds yummy!

  2. It sounds....well, I'll have to try it...whaat spices are you thinking of adding?