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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alien Aprons

I've been meaning to make myself an apron for girls camp.  I procrastinated quite a while -  and time is pretty much up, so I bit the bullet and whipped up these bad boys.

The camp logo is on the right - this is after I blew it up 200%. To make the pattern I ironed on some HeatNBond Lite to the back of the fabrics I chose and then traced around a cup for the body of the spacecraft.

After cutting out the shape, peel off the paper backing...

Iron on all the pieces...

I zig-zagged around all the raw edges...and then clipped the threads (after I took this pic).

Lucky for me I had some ancient Scribbles paint...shiny white and glittering silver...the white was pretty thick - but I managed to make it work.
I made up three. One for me, two for my minions.  (Yes, Tia, you're a minion).


  1. I love them! How I wish I could be one of your minions!

  2. Sweet! I didn't know the job would come with perks :)