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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Pit of Despair

While Danny is away, I've got some big plans for his room.  I've been questioning him about his preferences for the last few weeks. 

Me: Hey Danny...
Him: (in semi-surly teenage voice) What?
Me: How would you like a corner desk?
Him: Whaa? Oh, okay.

Every good project should start with a bad 'before' picture...

...the worse the 'before', the better the after. Right?

I know, I know, the pink flowers are a little less than manly.

It's looking better already.
(Ignore the green carpet - it's not getting changed at this time.
We're just going to pretend it isn't there)

Project #1? Paint.
The walls are only getting a touch up, but the closet,
much like my hair, is going gray.

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  1. On HGTV I saw a teenagers room not unlike this...I believe they tore the house down ( not really). Good Luck and I hope it turns out fantastic!