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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wherein Thrifting and Sewing Share Top Billing

So I was at Goodwill...I grabbed this totally adorable fabric out of the bins.  I loved it--it has a small geometric vibe but also manages to reference the ikat trend that I feel myself being manipulated into liking.  Despite sacrificing my personal hygiene somewhat in a fruitless search for a flat sheet of the same fabric, I headed home.

Then I washed everything.  That's always the second step of any story that begins with "So I went to Goodwill...".  Thinking rightly that the only garment I could make for myself out of fabric this scanty would be appropriate in Las Vegas and certain neighborhoods of Miami Beach, I turned an eye to my daughter The Ya-Ya's wardrobe. 

I cut off the trim (from the white cotton that formed the plain top of the bedskirt) so that I had a long continuous line.  I cut that line into three equal parts and on the bottom one, attached 10-ish inches of the white cotton.  I sewed that into a tube and then sewed the other two pieces of trim into tubes.  I spaced them out on the bottom trim (with cotton) and top stitched them into place.  I then simply folded the top down to make a two-inch pocket of fabric to hold my elastic waistband.  I threaded the elastic and sewed it in place.

Voila!  Now the Ya-Ya is ready to dominate Summer.  Pity Summer.  It's going down.

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  1. I heart ikat as well! The Ya ya is truly trendy and I do sorrow for Summer ;)