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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Copy Cat!

The Inspiration piece... It might look a little familiar. Keira constructed this magnificent piece of art a week or so ago and I LOVED it. It solved my head scratching confusion of what to get my hubby for Father's Day... You see Kevin had to sell his motorcycle for the move. It was just too complicated to get it from here to Colorado... but it was so sad to see him have to say goodbye to it.

So, I copied Keira's piece with a few tweaks. She did the awesome glazing and one color silhouette version. I kept the colors clean and more manly-modern. I also mixed a shadow color with a little black mixed into the background color. Oh yeah, and mine is not 4 feet tall.
Even though the picture is cool, the best part is behind the picture where I started a new motorcycle fund for my hubby. BEST-WIFE-EVER!


  1. Wow, Tia. I love it. I really love your two colors and the word. Love, love, love.