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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Faux Podge Makeover

I started with this little darling.  What wasn't so darling about
it was the advertising on the lid.
I sanded the lid with about a 200 grit sandpaper, then I traced the shape onto
my paper and cut it out so that it was just smaller than the lid.
At this point I cut out a piece of cereal box cardboard to fit in the
bottom of the container. I did this now so that I could make the
liner while the top dried.
I made up some Faux Podge using Elmer's Glue All and a tiny bit of water.
I don't have a recipe - I just add a few drops and stir - the goal isn't to have
watery glue - it's to make the glue a little runnier.
Brush faux podge on the lid, then position paper on top, then brush another
layer of faux podge over the entire top.
I made the lining by cutting out a couple of layers of polyester batting
the same shape as the cardboard liner, then a scrap of fabric that was about
an inch bigger all around.  I then hot glued the fabric to the cardboard and finally
glued the whole thing to the bottom of the box.
I know it's not fancy - but it does the trick.
This would be a great kids project - especially if they added their name to the top...leave out the pincushion and it would be ideal for little treasures that kids seem to pick up wherever they go.

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  1. Nice! I love any project that includes cereal boxes :D