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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fix It - Suzanne

I know everyone has seen this photo, but it bears repeating;

When in the middle of a tropical storm;
1) Answer all phone calls, especially ones from home and visiting teachers. (yes, it was my home teacher that reminded me to look in my basement)

2) Check drains and window wells.  It was a drain pipe that failed and was running into a window well.  Once we figured that out it was an "easy" fix.

3) Put a status on Facebook book.  This will garner the most help from friends, neighbors, and provide moral support.

In the grand scheme of things, this was not a big deal.  We managed to dry out quickly. There wasn't much to cleanup other than the water and the carpet.  Thankfully we had one box on the floor which was half full of junk. (Another reason to keep cleaning out the clutter)

This "fix it" was an unintended project this week.  Funny how these challenges have a way of presenting themselves to us.


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  1. Let's see; You get the flood, I've had the earthquake(s), and growing up we had the fire that took out the barn. Anyone up for famine? Anyone? Anyone? Yeh, me neither.

    So glad you are safe and relatively damaged free.