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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Upcycled dress

I found this humonguos little beauty at Goodwill.  It looked like it had  possibilities. I like the dip-dyed effect on the skirt.

I had Miriam try it on, then I pinned it about where I wanted the width of the bodice to be.

I then cut armholes and neckline (I think I used a pattern for a guide for the armholes.

I cut sleeves from the leftover fabric, using a puffy sleeve pattern piece.

The color is great on her, but I'm not thrilled with the neckline - it could have used a little something more (more than white bias tape).

For a bit of fanciness, I braided some leftover skirt material and then coiled it into a circle and stitched it together.


  1. I like the dress but I agree it needs a bit more at the neck...I know I tend towards the fancy, but I really think a ruffle would set off her girlish charms to perfection!

  2. So cute! and way cheaper than buying fabric from the traditional places.