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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simplicity 4947--Review

I've been sewing clothes lately and have only recently stepped into the black void of pattern sewing.  Sewing from a pattern has been an interesting trip--I find I am greatly inclined to do what I know how to do, sewing to my strengths and whatnot.  But when I cut out and assemble a pattern, I have to do other things--zippers, darts, etc.  Things I would never actually choose to do.

I really like vintage patterns (so much funner to sew something you KNOW you won't find at the store) and this one, found in the GW rummage bins for, like, 50 cents, said 'Jiffy'.  (That's for me!)  It was a awesome, awesome pattern to make my first dress on. Very simple and quick to do but classic.  It could look a ton of different ways based on the fabric and the accessorizing. 

I love the look in that blonde model's face. ("The secret plans for the nuclear weapons are mine, finally mine!  I will crush them all!")
"Hey, Floral Print. (blows cigarette smoke into her face) Nice hair. Why don't you make me some coffee while I take over the world." 

I had five yards of an off-beat Navajo-inspired print I picked up at the great GW for a song--I didn't love, love the print but figured it was cheap as dirt and...well, that's it, really.  It was cheap as dirt.  I wasn't going to cry if I botched the job.  I began cutting at 1pm in the afternoon and finished up that early evening (with tons of downtime because I had to make a run to JoAnne's for a zipper and pick Jonah up from scouts).  I left the hemline below the knee because Zac likes to roller-derby on my lap during sacrament meeting.
Box pleat!

But the neckline.  I had added some inches to the pattern to make it fit my curves which was all well and good for my hips but the subtle boat neckline was bowing out like the lid of that carton of cottage cheese in the fridge, a month past its sell-by date.  Kylene (a skeptical-of-my-Navajo-pattern Kylene) suggested a box pleat.  Instant awesome.  Zero effort.

Still, it needed a name.  The print, as I mentioned, has a little Indian-style Southwestern thing going on which reminds me of 50s sweater-girl Jane Russell.   
The 18-hour-bra for us 'full-figured' gals!
 I saw an interview of her on the Larry King show, maybe 10 years ago.  She was dripping in Southwestern turquoise.  In my callow youth I was icked out.  Turquoise.  Only old ladies wore turquoise.  Time has brought me around on the subject of turquoise.  The rock has grown on me.  And so has the idea of being over-dressed for Larry King. 
I call this "The Eighteen Hour Dress"

Maybe this means I'm an old lady now?

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  1. Yes. Yes it does. (I'm saying yes because I feel the same way about turquoise - stuff of old ladies.) Okay, a slightly hot old lady. Dang it. The dress is great, you work it and yes, I hate you.