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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Blouse

I'm done with Laura's Epic Wedding outfit!  I ended up using Simplicity 5226--which you might notice is a dress, not a top.  I simply extended the bottom seven-ish inches.  (I made a slight A-line with the side seams so that I'd have room for her tummy and hip line)

The pattern was a good one, I can do a ton of different things with it.

I added the pin-tucks and then cut my pattern pieces over the top of them.  I navigated some unknown territory on this one and went to bed last night trying to imagine what they could possibly mean when they were describing how the collar attached to the neck.  In the end, I just trusted the picture and forged ahead.

I like how it's close to the body, not to futz-y and yet, has enough detail to be interesting.


  1. Brilliant! I love your details. Love, love love.

    Now, don't let her touch it until the wedding.

  2. You're awesome, you ol'seam rippin buddy. I love the pin tucks-always classic!