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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Menu Help

Hey all!  I am helping the Wedding Coordinator, aka Debbie, plan meals for the pre and post wedding party that will be eating at the venue, aka Deb's house.  I started writing things down but then thought I should poll the extended familia to see what some likes/dislikes, requests/definitely don't make and suggestions w/recipes.

We will be very budget conscience.  Also think along the lines of meals for about 20+.  It will be August so we need lighter food that won't weigh us down during our post wedding boogie.

I will also entertain suggestions for the wedding buffet.  I already have some ideas and have run a few of them across the Wedding Coordinator.  Don't be hurt if I don't use your "special" jello salad with chickpeas and toast points: I am trying to fit in those items that taste good together, are non-wilting and will do well at room temperature (except for the protein).

There are no prizes but maybe I can get you a first serving if you contribute.

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  1. I have a great cold spinich-couscous-tomato-feta salad if you'd like. It's got a white balsamic dressing.

  2. Can we say Finnish Cake? Oh,and how about a nice pulled pork open face on sourdough garlic bread? Actually, I don't care, just feed me reg'lar and I'll tote any barge.