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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Watch Out

 There should be a saying or a maxim or a true-ism or a proverb to the effect that when any two Hanna sisters get together for any length of time...watch out! No, seriously, Watch. Out.

After spending an evening and a day with Marcy earlier in the month, I figured that I had learned just enough skills to enable Suzanne, Keira and I to each make a necklace or two this weekend. Yeah. About that. Um...I've got pictures of around 26 necklaces (and one bracelet),  that we made over the past two days. (there are two or three more glass tiles that didn't make it into the pictures)

Impressive? Sure, but you've also got to factor in the dress that Keira made, the pile of mending Keira brought to put through my serger, the skirt (complete with zipper and waistband) that Suzanne made, and the curtains that I whipped up.  And two trips to craft stores.

Watch out.

The Betty Neels Collection. From L-R: Fate is Remarkable, Never Say Goodbye (aka From Poland with Love), Ring in a Teacup, The Girl with Green Eyes (aka Lucy Lockkit's Locket), Henrietta's Own Castle and Caroline's Waterloo.

Pearls Pearls Pearls Collection: Sue made both outside necklaces, Keira both inside necklaces.

Heavy Metal Collection: Robot Watch and Octopus were put together by Debbie, 70's inspired Owl by Suzanne.

Dainty Bits Collection: Both charm necklaces were made by Sue, the center was fixed by Keira, the other two were made by Keira.

Misc. Collection: CTR pendant made by Debbie (chain added by Sue), Camera by Sue, Telephone by Keira, Frankenstein-ed bracelet made by Keira. Other two tiles ('believe') were made somewhere else, by someone else.
Glass Tile Collection: All made by Debbie.

Can't decide on a name: Cherry Pie or Pomegranate Seeds (Garnets that were hand-gathered at Ruby Reservoir)

Heavy Metal II: Gears and Stuff - by Debbie
Let's all say it together: Watch. Out.