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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$21 Challenge

As I am now a stay-at-home Mom again, we find that even though Kevin's new job absorbs my $800/mth income, it still doesn't leave a huge amount left over for savings. We do put a little away each month, but we would like to put away a bit more. Kevin has asked me to try to our food budget down to around $400/mth, which is a bit daunting for a family of 5. I am already pretty thrifty, but I haven't been able to get below $500 for the last couple of months.
So, I am taking on the challenge!
I spotted this challenge while perusing thrifty tips on Youtube (you can really get sucked in!). I do have a pretty well stocked pantry and have been dabbling with meal plans for a while... and I love a good challenge! So, I am going to start this on Thursday 4/11.
Anyone game to join in?


  1. I would have a serious mutiny at my house - me included. Sorry have to pass on this one.

  2. I suggest you find the
    "Bountiful Basket" available in your area. They are Fantastic!!!!
    Fresh awesome produce-a basketful (and I mean FULL!)for $15.00. You can get whole grain bread for $1.00 a loaf and other add ons too. Eating on a budget usually means you are eating crap which is eventually lethal for you and your family-this keeps you out of that pit of despair! You sign up on Mondays and pick it up on Saturdays. You can order two if you want and preserve some. They do ask for volunteers...but knowing you, you will probably be organizing everything for the entire state of Colorado soon ;)
    Anyway DO THIS ($60 bucks a month for all the fresh produce you can eat...no brainer!)