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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walls, Walls, Walls...

Marcy sent me a belated birthday package (by way of Nathan and Rebekah).  In it, she included six metal stars.  It was only fitting, as she was the one to point out that my gallery wall needed a little something over the Boeing sign. After seeing the stars, I decided to  look for paint options before putting six more holes in my wall.  I spotted a color I liked at Fred Meyer (it may or may not have been Dutch Boy (or possibly Glidden??), the color name is 'spinnaker').  I prefer Behr brand paint, so I didn't buy the paint - I figured I'd get it color-matched at Home Depot after Christmas.

Steve and Rebekah took some initiative and bought the paint before Christmas. I might possibly have been the only woman in America to receive a gallon of paint for Christmas.  It was a Christmas miracle. 

This is the 'before'...greenish walls, no stars, no ceiling lights.

After...stars, lights, and fresh paint.
(the lights are from IKEA - Basisk $16.99 each)
Keira gifted me the large rusty star...I already had the medium size one, and I picked up a few of the small ones at Michael's in the Christmas ornament section. I plan to swap out the picture in the frame and put a tarted up photo from our summer vacation.  I still need to get Steve to re-install the hooks that go on the wall on the far side of the picture.

One gallon of Behr Ultra is just enough for me to paint my bedroom AND my bathroom.  Which was the perfect place to put these Remington prints (again, thanks Keira).

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