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Friday, January 20, 2012


Deb wasn't the only one working on her closet this past week. My hall closet has always been a lonely and ignored space. It's too small to dump too much in and it has had a faintly funky smell forever. I tried to get photos of the interior damage - 1/2" wide 12" long crack, too many small cracks to count, dents from shoes & vacuum and the most gosh awful beige. I was just going to refinish the door but once I got it cleaned out I could not stay. Not happening! The door took me two days to strip, more than 9 layers of paint - what were previous owner's thinking with the green with brown inset? The closet took another three because I had to strip it, patch, caulk, sand, texture and then it sucked up paint. And just when I thought I was done Jim mentions that the door has never closed well so maybe he should take a belt sander to my newly painted door. Curses! So, more painting - if you are keeping track we are now on day 7. Finally I got the door back in the house and hung. Not impressive for anyone other than me.

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  1. Your closet looks great now! I'll just have to imagine that it smells better.