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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favorites in Review.

What was your favorite 'home improvement' project of 2011? Here's a rundown of one of mine:

Office For Two

First, here's the 'before' picture:

Pretty horrific. This was before I agreed to give up
my office and move into this one with Steve.
Yes, I'm brave.
We purchased a new desk for Steve from Office Depot. Although it is much larger than his Dad's old roll top, the storage is much more useful. It came 'flat packed', so we spent a few hours assembling it.  We make a great assembly team. I was pretty ruthless in what I let him keep in the office. Only stuff that he actually used on a regular basis was allowed, the rest was relegated to a large closet in the basement. The knick-knacks are all family memorabilia.

Even though this room is only about 10'x11' (plus closet), we were able to
keep the loveseat - which is now more usable...
...and then I added a few of my embroidery pieces for a little bit of fun.

My office area is carved out of the closet. I love my drawers from IKEA - they were another assembly project that Steve and I did together.  I hung the lights with the help of Alex. On either side of the desktop I hung a metal pegboard - which holds hanging shelves (yes, IKEA shelves).  I ordered the pegboard from Amazon.

Now let's see yours...

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  1. very nice! i ADORE your tucking in your own space into the closet ... well done!