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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

iPod Case

This isn't really a complicated project--certainly not complicated enough for a tutorial.  It is merely a piece of fabric cut long enough to double the length of the iPod and enough for a flap, sewed up both sides and given a buttonhole.

But, this was instructive for me for a couple of reasons: 
A)Never throw away scraps of fabric. This was 100% grey wool from a sweater that I made into a throw pillow. I still have remnants that I'll be using for other purposes, I'm sure.

B)Wool is a great fabric for this project as it won't unravel at the edges (yes, it was washed so it's felted somewhat) and is cushy enough to not have to add another layer and more time to the project. Also, when I finished I wasn't quite happy with the blunt cut of the fold and, because it was wool, I was able to shape it without having to undo it all.
C)I really wish my machine was great at buttonholes but we have yet to do a really great one.
D)Vintage button!


  1. Wool is much classier than the first ipod case Nathan had...which, if memory serves me, was constructed from a sock.

  2. Looks like my mother has woven it :D