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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"P" Bags

This is what a foley bag looks like...more or less. 
It's not really very attractive, and when it has urine in it, it's even less so.
Thus the need for "P" Bags.

 I am so not doing a tutorial for either of these bags.  I found a great pattern and tutorial for this messenger bag on zaaberry(here's the link). Of course I changed the dimensions to fit a foley bag, and of course I added a couple of pockets (including the zippered one on the flap.  I also used woven cotton strap material for the straps (along with a couple of 'D" rings).  Daniel is a big fan of messenger bags - he really likes this one - I have plenty of black material left over, I might whip one up for him with a different lining. Here are my dimensions:

2 pieces of fabric for bag outer, 15 1/2" X 13" (denim-weight is good)
2 pieces of fabric for bag lining, 15 1/2" X 13"
2 pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for bag bottom, 15 1/2" x 13"

2 pieces of fabric for flap, 12 1/2" X 11" (one of lining fabric, one of outer bag fabric) - If you choose to add a zippered pocket, add one inch of fabric to the top, then measure down three or four inches and cut across the piece horizontally.  Install zipper, then continue on.
2 pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for flap, 12 1/2" X 11"

2 "D" rings
(about 2 -ish yards of strapping...sorry, I've already sealed the package and I'm not opening it...)
I'm also not doing a tutorial on this bag - I found a great pattern on noodle-head (here's the link). Of course I changed it up a bit - the proportions were changed some, and I added a zipper to the top...
here are my dimensions:

2 pieces of fabric for exterior 12 3/4 x 14 3/4
2 pieces of fabric for lining (same as above)
2 pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for exterior (same size as above)

Pockets are about 6 1/2 x 7 - I made one pocket for each side - each pocket has two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together around the sides and bottom, then turned right side out - top stitch the top closed and then top stitch the whole thing down onto the bag exterior (before adding lining!).
Strap material...sorry, I didn't measure this one either...I'm guessing I used about a yard(ish)

I made a third bag - but since it's all white, it really didn't photograph well.  I made it in the messenger bag style, but with a shorter flap.  All three bags have a matching tube cover - I was hoping to just make long tubes of fabric to go over them, but alas that won't work in this situation, so I ended up cutting long rectangles of fabric that were just longer than the tubes, hemming each short end (so they end up being the same length as the tubes), then hemming the long edges by turning them twice.  I hemmed one long edge on one side, then the other long edge on the opposite side.  I then added small (less than 1 inch) rectangles of velcro about every four or five inches.  Tedious...you betcha, but I think it will work.


  1. I think she will love them. Just think, though...for Danny's you don't need a tube cover!