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Friday, December 9, 2011


I have actually done quite a bit of sewing and other craftiness lately...but since most of the crap awesomeness is going to be Christmas presents, I can't really show any pictures for a few weeks.

Here's something I can show you:

Keira and I had a ton of fun doing backgrounds on canvas. Keira used different colors, but the principle is the same - choose two or three or four colors of paint and squirt some directly on the canvas, then spread with a dry paintbrush - blending a bit as you go.

I found these stencils at Michael's in the art aisle in the drafting supplies.  Using my 40% coupon they ended up only costing two or three bucks - which is an even better steal when you realize that there are TWO complete sets.  One set of 3/4 inch and one set of 1 inch both have complete upper and lower case and numbers!

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  1. I don't know why I added an l to the last word and so it didn't make any sense to me for a bit.
    But I like it now...where are you putting it?